How to Use Clubhouse

After a year of being exclusively for iPhone users, Clubhouse has launched the popular app for Android users. If you aren’t completely convinced about why you should join clubhouse, I answered here on why you should be jumping at the opportunity to be on the app.

Now that you have finally received your invite to the most exclusive audio-only app, you may be wondering “what now?” I’m going to share some tips to getting comfortable when first entering Clubhouse.

After you have downloaded the app and completed your profile, a list of rooms will be curated for you to join based on your interest and other users you choose to follow.  When you are in the “hallway,” which is the area that you are in when you haven’t joined a room yet, it might be a good idea to first join one of the “Welcome to Clubhouse” rooms and listen in on an introduction to the app.

Once you enter a room of a topic or hosted by a panel that you are interested in, you will be automatically placed in the audience with only the ability to listen and not speak. The creator of the room and the moderators will be the only ones in the room with the ability to speak and will be listed at the top of the screen with a green icon next to their photos. For an example, you may be sitting in on a panel discussion of New York Times reporters sharing what stories they are working on or how best to pitch them.  If you have something to add to the conversation then you can tap the “raise hand” icon and the moderators in the room will be able to invite you “on stage” to introduce yourself and ask your question or share your insight.

Clubhouse also has a calendar that is based on the users you follow and upcoming rooms you may be interested in joining. You can tap the bell icon next to upcoming rooms to RSVP and receive a notification when the room starts.

The best advice I can offer to new Clubhouse users is to jump in and try out different rooms.  If you become uninterested in a topic you can “quietly leave” the room and the conversation without anyone ever knowing.

Photo by Erin Kwon on Unsplash

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at May 20, 2021

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