What happened to email marketing in 2019?

When is the last time you went shopping and haven’t been asked to join some type of loyalty club? (I’ll wait)

From in-store to online, everywhere you shop wants to stay connected to you long after you’re gone, and the rise of social media promotions isn’t going to kill email marketing anytime soon.

According to Campaign Monitor, email marketing continued to grow last year and even grew among millennials and Gen Z.

According to the Campaign Monitor survey, 90% of millennials check their emails multiple times a day or at least once a day and 81% of Gen Z’ers check their email at the same frequency.

But how does a brand make sure that their email is getting viewed instead of scrolled past or deleted?

First the email has to stand out from the average of six to 50 emails that millennials and one to 20 emails that Gen Z consumers get daily, deliver a direct benefit (my generation loves to feel like they’re getting a good deal), be helpful and informative, and don’t bombard us with too many spammy sales emails.

Sounds easy, right?

Photo by Webaroo.com.au on Unsplash
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at Jan 8, 2020

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