Esperança Staff and Volunteers Participate in Stove to Table Program, Cooking Healthy Meals for Underserved Seniors

(PHOENIX, Ariz.—April 21, 2023)—Now in its third year, Esperança staff and volunteers participated in Stove to Table. The Stove to Table program is one of the many ways Esperança and its employees give back to under-resourced individuals in the Latino community in Phoenix and surrounding areas. Stove to Table delivers 200 healthy, made-from-scratch meals to seniors living in subsidized housing, many with chronic illnesses. The program supports this population as it experiences disproportionately high levels of food insecurity, and the hot meals provided help improve their quality of life.

Volunteers and staff make a variety of items each week including homemade quinoa salad, dairy-free “arroz con leche”, hibiscus tacos and more, sourced from ingredients from the organization’s community garden.

About Esperança

Derived from the Portuguese word for “hope,” Esperança has been dedicated to transforming lives since its inception in 1970. Now celebrating 53 years of service this year, globally Esperança works within under-resourced communities in Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mozambique and Peru, providing health education, food security, disease prevention, access to clean water, ecological home-building and life-altering surgeries. Further, the organization also serves under-resourced children, adults and seniors in Maricopa County through programs such as oral health, chronic disease prevention/management and nutrition education, and healthy meal delivery. For more information, please visit:

Photo Caption: Esperança Staff and Volunteers at its Stove to Table Program

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at Apr 21, 2023

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