Battery Storage Rises To Forefront As Sunny Energy Ramps Up For Salt River Project Pilot Program

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(TEMPE, May 15, 2018) – Battery storage for solar energy systems has become more affordable than ever thanks to an incentive program launched by Salt River Project. Sunny Energy, one of Arizona’s largest providers of residential and commercial solar energy systems, and a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer, is well equipped to offer this program to all residential SRP customers.

The program, which began May 1, provides a $1,800 cash rebate from SRP for its customers who choose to install and utilize a battery storage system, such as Tesla’s Powerwall solar-energy battery-storage system, on their home.

Joe Cunningham, Sunny Energy’s director of operations, said homeowners generating and storing their own energy, such as combining solar energy and Powerwall, allows customers to use more of the energy they generate, independent of SRP, day and night.

“During the day, solar panels usually produce more energy than a home uses,” he said. “Battery storage stores that excess solar energy and makes it available on demand, even after the sun has set, or if the grid goes down.”

“It’s important for homeowners to realize that solar, combined with battery storage and active demand management, increases the value of solar for most homeowners,” Cunningham explained.  “While the rebate is only for battery storage systems, the overall increased value of solar energy is evident.”

Sunny Energy is a residential solar company that is dedicated to helping homeowners save money on their electric bills. The company focuses on delivering superior performance by using the best design, installation, equipment, and financing options to ensure the best combination of value and performance.  Each project is customized to provide homeowners with the most advantageous option to produce their own clean and inexpensive energy.  With offices in Arizona and Texas, Sunny Energy provides solar installation, battery storage, energy management, financing and service and repair. The company has been named one of the top solar contractors in the United States by Solar Power Worldmagazine for the last three years. For more information, call (480) 257-3283 or visit

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