Arizona Relay Services Hosts Sports Camp with Professional Athletes at Phoenix Day School for the Deaf

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(PHOENIX – May 5, 2016) – On Wednesday, May 4, Arizona Relay Service, a public service provided by the State of Arizona and administered by the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing, hosted a Sports Camp for students at Phoenix Day School for the Deaf to provide hands-on sports fun and coaching by professional athletes.

Those coaching the students included:Floyd, interpreter, Birden and student 2Chris Smith, Brian Smith and Michael Floyd in orange

  • Michael Floyd, wide receiver for Arizona Cardinals
  • JJ Birden, former NFL player for Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs
  • Brian Smith, former NFL player for Cleveland Browns
  • Chris Smith, former NFL player for Kansas City Chiefs
  • Tony Tatum, player for AFL Utah Blaze and former player for Gallaudet University
  • Linsey Morningstar, former volleyball player for Temple University
  • Giuletta Maucere, volleyball player for Gallaudet UniversityDSCN1219
  • Liz D'Anna of Sprint Relay Services

“Being able to participate at the Sports Camp means a lot. I’ve done so many camps over the years, but I’ve never participated in a camp like this, so it’s an honor and a privilege to work with these kids,” said Birden. “It’s a different environment for me, but it’s exciting because the message I like to share with kids is no matter who you are, no matter what your situation is, we all have goals, we all have dreams, we all just need a chance. So, if there is anything I can do to inspire these kids I definitely want to do that.”

“My father [Chris Smith] has been very connected with this community ever since I can remember. Being able to help him and also help these kids out on the field and have some fun is something I’m glad to be a part of since it’s something I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise do on my own,” said Brian Smith.

“It means so much to be able to come out here with the kids and help make a difference in their lives by explaining sometimes things aren’t always easy, but it’s important to stay positive and take every opportunity as they see it,” said Tatum.

About Arizona Relay

Arizona Relay Service (AZRS) is a public service provided by the State of Arizona and administered by the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing (ACDHH). AZRS makes communication by telephone easy, accessible, reliable and convenient for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, or have difficulty speaking. For more information, visit

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