Advance Community Promotes Julieta Larios to International Program Director

(PHOENIX–Feb. 29, 2024)–Julieta Larios has been promoted to international program director at Advance Community, a Phoenix-based nonprofit organization that builds optimal health in under-resourced communities across the Valley and around the world.

“Julieta has been a valued team member for five years,” said Advance Community President and CEO Jeri Royce. “As a community health worker, she was a hands-on advocate for our local community, offering support and earning trust among the amazing individuals we serve. Her ability to quickly cultivate these relationships was astounding and a great quality for overseeing our international programs.”

In her role, Larios is responsible for managing the relationships and collaboration with the organization’s international NGO partners in Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Mozambique, Nicaragua, and Peru. Additionally, she plays a crucial role in coordinating and executing surgical and medical missions abroad.

“Through my experience as a community health worker, I gained a profound understanding of the significance of preventative health education,” says Larios. “I advocate for a grassroots approach, recognizing the diverse nature of each community and understanding that a one-size-fits-all approach is not applicable. As a first-generation student, the daughter of immigrant parents, and coming from the communities we serve, I have personally faced numerous challenges during my upbringing. Leveraging these lived experiences, I am dedicated and passionate about supporting families and communities, driven by the desire to improve health outcomes, especially in areas where healthcare infrastructure doesn’t exist.”

Larios received a bachelor’s degree in Global Health from Arizona State University and a Community Health Worker Certificate from Central Arizona College. She gained valuable experience as a scholarship recipient and intern at the Maricopa County Department of Public Health. Continuing her education, Larios was selected to attend the Thunderbird School of Global Management and completed the American Express Nonprofit Leadership Academy, a program that accepts a cohort of Arizona’s top emerging nonprofit leaders for a professional and personal leadership development program.

About Advance

Advance Community has been dedicated to transforming lives since its inception in 1970. Formerly known as Esperança, Advance works within under-resourced communities across the globe, providing health education, food security, disease prevention, access to clean water, ecological home-building and life-altering surgeries in Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mozambique and Peru. Advance strengthens under-resourced Latino communities across Maricopa County through programs such as oral health, chronic disease prevention/management, nutrition education and healthy meal delivery. With the vision of health equity for everyone, the Phoenix-based nonprofit is dedicated to advancing communities to help under-resourced children, adults and seniors live sustainable and fulfilling lives. More information about Advance Community is available at

Advance Community Promotes Julieta Larios to International Program Director
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at Feb 29, 2024

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