Media Relations

As a leading media relations agency in the Southwest, HMA Public Relations is proud to work with innovators, business executives, Tribal leaders, and entrepreneurs to help elevate their profile within the media and community. We believe a strong, coordinated communications effort is the most successful and economical way to communicate the key messages of an organization. This is true whether we are writing for the general public or writing to communicate to the media.

The key to successful story placement is built on years of hard-won respect: the media are our valued partners and welcome our presence because we continually provide them with good subject matter and valuable recommendations to reach their audiences. We are diligent about keeping our relationships with them fair and accurate, open and honest.

We believe media relations is a valuable component of any strategic public relations campaign. Effective story placements are viewed as credible due to the third-party endorsement given by the writer of an article or the reporter of a broadcast story.