Digital Communications

HMA Public Relations is well-versed in multiple social media/digital channels and believes in content-driven digital campaigns that fully engage our audiences and strive to create conversations beyond just message delivery.

Brands spend considerable time focused on creating engaging content. Brands realize that content may be one of the most effective ways to achieve ROI. But this requires quality content and a well-thought-out strategy in order to be successful.

The majority of business-to-business companies are implementing some sort of digital communications strategy. As the traditional media landscape continues to rapidly transform, our team helps our clients understand, monitor and strategically engage in a wide range of digital and social media channels, including your own online channels (LinkedIn, blog, newsroom) as a holistic part of your overall communications strategy.

This includes such activities as:

  • Integrated approach to digital / social media strategy development
  • Conversation monitoring and analysis
  • Influencer outreach and engagement
  • Social channels development and support
  • Social community management
  • Creative campaign ideation and execution
  • Online crisis preparedness and strategic counsel
  • Counsel on leveraging mobile channels and other emerging device platforms