Crisis Communications / Issues Management

Although we hope to never need it, HMA Public Relations strongly recommends its clients develop a crisis communications and issues management strategy. A crisis communications and issues management plan ensures that you take appropriate actions in a timely manner when and if a crisis situation arises. The plan, if used correctly, will minimize the impact of a crisis upon the organization and normal business operations. If followed accordingly, this plan will also:

  • Prevent long-term damage to the reputation of organization
  • Keep confidence and satisfaction among stakeholders
  • Maintain successful employee morale
  • Protect financial resources and save management time
  • Avoid costly litigation

Crisis Plan Goals:

  • Provide general guidelines for decision-making prior to and following a crisis situation
  • Identify/clarify responsibilities
  • Ensure that time is used wisely
  • Minimize down time or business disruption
  • Ensure accurate, timely, consistent information to employees and media
  • Minimize confusion and rumors
  • Protect organization’s reputation and brand
  • Maintain credible relationship with community, industry and the media to support rebuilding efforts