Community Relations

HMA Public Relations is a big believer in the power of community relations. Whether through financial contributions, board or volunteer service or other in-kind support, companies who show their support for the communities they operate in will generate positive public sentiment. HMA Public Relations helps its clients develop and implement community relations programs that align with their individual business goals and objectives.

Doing good while doing well is a smart business strategy and one that should be highlighted as part of your overall public relations strategy. Being a responsible business within a community means recognizing the importance of giving back. And it is more than just writing a check — it is supporting issues and causes that align with your business strategy and making a commitment to those efforts.

There are studies that say that consumers are making their buying decisions not only based on the quality of your product or service, but on your company’s stance on social issues. Jobseekers, too, are looking at corporate culture as much as they are looking at salaries and benefits when thinking about future employment.

Implementing an earned media strategy to support your community relations efforts means your stakeholders, will know your commitment to community. HMA incorporates effective, community outreach strategies to bring awareness and attention to the good work of your business or organization and the many worthwhile programs and services you support.