Can You Recover From a Social Media Flop?

social mediaA lifestyle magazine in New Jersey is currently recovering from a major PR flop they suffered 2 days ago.
SJ Magazine, which caters to the South Jersey community of New Jersey, posted an infographic yesterday on Twitter promoting one of four upcoming “Women Empowerment Series” panels the magazine will be hosting. The problem? A majority of the infographic, which can be found here, is comprised of four photos of male speakers.
Many individuals on Twitter were immediately outraged, responding with comments like:
“Seriously? I mean, SERIOUSLY? You really have an all-male panel on women’s empowerment?”
“LOL ’cause we’re lacking a “male’s perspective” for sure! – All-male panel on “women’s empowerment”.
The magazine at first defended itself, posting to Twitter: “Men have a responsibility to step up & support women & we want to start the discussion.” But, alas, the panel was cancelled, unable to recover from relentless internet trolling.
What PR lesson can be learned here?
Although I don’t think SJ Magazine had any bad intentions, we PR pros should remember to carefully consider how ANYTHING we post could be received by the public.

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at Oct 25, 2017

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