What can you expect from social media in 2020?

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We all know that social media is constantly changing and evolving, but what can we expect in the upcoming new year? According to Social Media Today this is what we can expect:

IGTV will be the new TV

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone since younger generations look to influencers and social media to consume content. The feature of IGTV on Instagram is a way for users to consume even more information in long video form on the platform. As someone who is a millennial/Gen Zer (depends on who you ask), I think Instagram is making a smart move to reach this audience because traditional cable TV is nonexistent for most including myself.

Tik Tok will be the next big social media platform

Marissa recently highlighted the success of using Tik Tok to reach Gen Zers, and it is anticipated that it will continue to gain popularity among  brands as they turn to the platform to reach and engage the younger generation.

Changing influencer partnerships

With Instagram beginning to test hiding likes in the U.S., you should plan to see a change in the partnerships with influencers. Brands will be looking for new ways to prove ROI when partnering with influencers and could even begin to take a pay-to-play approach.

Autumn Jarrett
Autumn Jarrett
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