Bloggers Behind Black Friday Business

Welcome back! Assuming you survived Thursday’s food binge, you may have been one of the millions of people to participate in Black Friday, the notorious day-after-Thanksgiving-sales named for putting companies’ profit in the “black” at the cost of a few unruly mobs.

Black Friday shoppers spent $11.2 billion, a record $1 billion of which was spent online. Today’s Cyber Monday sales are projected to be just as high in terms of e-commerce.

This infographic, by Clever Girls Collective, reflects how social media influences and drives purchases during the holiday season. While there is no doubt that brands made some serious efforts on their social media channels to promote their sales, bloggers came up as the most trusted source for holiday gift guides.

In recent years, there has been a decline in consumers’ trust in the media. Although not traditional, could the increase in blogger influence – especially over the recommendations of friends and family, which have regularly been the most trusted source – be a sign that the public trusts the media more?

Some interesting highlights:

  • 44.3% of shoppers trust their favorite blogger while 41.2% trust family or friends.
  • 93.3% of shoppers purchased something because a blogger recommended it.
  • Women find more inspiration for food and recipes from bloggers, more than any social media site and 31.75% more than from family or friends.

So what have we learned? If you are marketing your product, service, or event online, be sure to target bloggers in your pitching efforts. Some of our favorites:

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Fabulous Arizona

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Valley Girl (Arizona Foothills Blog)


What blogs do you turn to for product reviews, upcoming events or general news?

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at Nov 26, 2012

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