Why Attend Professional Networking Events?

NetworkingTo piggyback off of Scott’s post from earlier this week, I’ll be talking about the importance of attending networking events. For public relations professionals, this is usually in the form of a Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) activity!
We are lucky to have a phenomenal Phoenix PRSA chapter that makes it easy for us to want to attend its events. For instance, just yesterday our chapter coordinated an awesome media breakfast/broadcast studio tour at AZ-TV’s Arizona Daily Mix!
In addition to getting a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at AZ-TV, we were also able to meet the producer and on-air hosts at the station. We learned what stories they are looking for and how best to pitch them! Events like these are aimed at helping to make our jobs easier—how could you pass that up?
While networking organizations are not confined to the public relations industry alone, they each serve a similar purpose no matter which field you work in.

What are the benefits of attending networking events?

Why, to network of course!

Building meaningful relationships within (and separate of) your industry is most efficiently done via face-to-face interactions. This is your opportunity to gain familiarity, establish authority and brand your business. However, time allotted to networking events can often be slim, so focus on making strong connections. For example, discuss your common interests and goals.

To stay ahead of the curve.

What are some of the newest trends in your market? You would probably know if you went to a networking event or two! Many of these events have keynote speakers, thought leaders who are willing to share their know-how to help keep you in the game.

To keep it fresh!

Is your company looking to transcend its current market? Networking events are fantastic way to obtain new ideas and feedback from others who have once been where you currently are. Large-scale events are even better for this! They are typically filled with companies showing off their newest offerings. These could serve as great inspiration.
Whatever your reason, I would greatly encourage anyone to begin attending various networking events. Make it easy on yourself and just start with the ones that you’re actually interested in—no need to make something so easy a chore!

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at Mar 22, 2018

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