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September 10, 2019
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At the most recent monthly meeting for the PRSA Phoenix New Pros Mentorship Program, we were joined by a panel of three mid-career PR professionals to speak on their expertise in agency life. Among the panelists were Bridget Daly from Ideas Collide, Amy La Sala from Off Madison Ave and Diane Smith formerly with Big YAM.

As a new pro working in an agency, this panel reiterated what I already know to be true of agency life: it moves fast, keeps you on your toes and is anything but boring.

Being new to the industry, it was really worthwhile to hear from this panel to get a glimpse of how agencies other than my own operate and see what it takes to be high-functioning and successful in PR. Especially to thrive in an agency, I learned that it’s important to go with the flow and keep up with whatever clients throw your way – even when they surprise you with a pressing deadline while you’re trying to juggle work for someone else.

It seems that the key to thriving in an agency – and PR in general – is to go above and beyond with time management. While all categories of PR have similar threads woven between them, time management ties them all together. A good agency professional never lets a client feel like anything other than their top priority, and leans back on their team for support when needed.

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Annelise Krafft
Annelise Krafft
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