#MediaMonday – Taylor Kinnerup

Today’s #MediaMonday features Taylor Kinnerup who is a reporter and desk editor with KTAR. Taylor and I met while attending the same high school in the Valley.

Taylor, time to share:

Tell us your story!
I’m a total Valley girl! I joke that I think half the reason my parents even had kids was to tell people “I’m a third generation Arizonan.” I was born and raised in central Phoenix. My parents still live in my childhood home, just up the street from my station. The Kinnerup family has actually lived in the Valley since 1923. I’ve been saying I wanted to be in radio since I was a kid, my parents don’t even really know what sparked my interest. I started interning at KTAR when I was 17 and interned on and off whenever I was home from college. I went to the University of Missouri in the fall of 2014. My degree was specific to radio production and I graduated in December of 2017. I knew from the start I wanted to come back to Phoenix and tell stories about my community.

I started working for KTAR part-time the same week I graduated college doing pretty much any job they’d let me do. After a year I was promoted to a full-time role as a reporter and anchor and have since held a variety of roles and shifts. I’m most proud of my work reporting on people with disabilities and getting to be in the state’s largest radio newsroom during such historic times.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Considering my day job is pretty hectic, my side gig is a lot more mellow. I teach yoga sculpt at a few studios around the Valley and try to take as many classes as I can. When the pandemic began, I started teaching my classes on Instagram Live to provide folks with an extra outlet to relieve stress and get active during such a stressful and static time. I spend a lot of time with my family and love going out to eat – although these days it’s a lot of take out. I’m also pretty lazy outside of work and spend a lot of time lounging around my apartment with my roommate and our pup Harper.

Any favorite/memorable stories you would like to share?
I’m so grateful for the opportunity to tell people’s stories and in the past year I’ve been able to speak with folks who have recovered from addiction and are now helping others do the same. I’ve heard stories of women who went from being homeless and are now living in their own homes. I’ve been inside Arizona prisons hearing about how inmates are learning to transcribe braille to help create textbooks for blind students in Arizona. Any chance I get to meet fellow Arizonans and hear their stories is an opportunity I cherish.

Favorite types of music?
Shuffling through my Spotify is quite the adventure. I listen to everything from Carole King to NWA. The three most recently searched artists on my Spotify are Megan Thee Stallion, Joni Mitchell and Kacey Musgraves if that gives you any idea of how my taste ranges.

Favorite TV shows or movies?
My all-time favorite movies are Sleepless in Seattle, Goodwill Hunting and Remember the Titans. I’ve probably seen them each at least 20 times all the way through.

Favorite local restaurants?
If it’s Sam Fox anything I’m in but I also love LGO, Postino, and Fame.

Best way to get in contact?
You can follow me on social media @TaylorKinnerup on Twitter and Instagram where I constantly post updates.

Photo by Taylor Kinnerup
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at Jun 15, 2020

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