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Image and Likability
Image and Likability Mean More Now Than Ever
September 21, 2017
Allison Rodriguez
#MediaMonday – Allison Rodriguez
September 25, 2017
PRSA Luncheon

From left to right: Kristin Hege, Scott Pansky, Katie Marlark and Rachel Brockway

The PRSA Phoenix luncheon on Tuesday had a huge “influence” (literally) on local PR pros and ASU PRSSA members with Scott Pansky, co-founder of Allison+Partners and Katie Marlark, senior director of research for Allison+Partners. Their presentation was an overview of how influencers can make a difference for brands, nonprofits and the cause-space overall and included examples of campaigns using influencers to their greatest advantage and tips on how to build success.

According to their research 43 percent of followers engage with a cause at least once a month and younger generations are particularly willing to engage with cause campaigns with 34 percent of Millennials volunteering or donating at least once a month. In addition, of those engaged with a cause, more than half have shared information or made a financial donation because of a digital influencer.

Some additional key points included:

  • Target Audience is key: An influencer isn’t always someone with the highest number of followers. It is about the audience they have that is the audience you are trying to reach.
  • ART- Influencer campaigns must be “ART”: Authentic, Responsible & Transparent and a top-down, celebrity-focused view of influencer marketing may undermine credibility if not done authentically. Consumers look for real messages from influencers who have been touched by a brands efforts.

Finally their suggestions as takeaways for practitioners included:

  • Go beyond reach to find the right influencers for your message
  • Work with your influencer to determine how to best bring the message to life for their audience
  • Tailor your platforms to your audience and message
  • Arm your influencer with information about your cause, efforts and results
  • Be prepared to measure more than basic digital engagements.

Did you attend? What was your favorite highlight?


Rachel Brockway
Rachel Brockway
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