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April 30, 2015
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May 4, 2015
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GiniEarlier this month, PR powerhouse Gini Dietrich (and Abbie’s good buddy – no big deal! I know – I am such a name dropper!) posted a great article on Spin Sucks about the “Horrible Case of Unwritten Rules” in the office, where she talked about being disappointed in past interns for doing things (checking Facebook, making social phone calls, painting finger nails, et al) that she considered unprofessional.

The article is great – read it here. In addition to the advice, what really stuck with me was Gini’s notion that leading by example really isn’t enough.

I already knew I was guilty – now and then – of thinking my way was the only way, and that my team would magically just watch and do everything like me.

But, thanks to Gini, I can now see that I assume a lot of people in the office – and it is not always a good thing.

Consider me in the process of writing down all of my expectations and explicit rules from here on out.

Gini gave me a great start thanks to her article, but what else should I be sure to include?

Alison Bailin
Alison Bailin
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