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editIn the three short weeks that I’ve been working at HMA, I’ve come to realize that holiday parties are not only a fun but necessary workplace tradition second only to casual Fridays. In light of my recent discovery, I thought I would impart some well-founded reasons as to why all companies should uphold the holiday work party tradition.

Company Culture: Holiday parties tend to draw a large crowd, including the employees who don’t typically fraternize after work. This gives companies a somewhat rare opportunity to spotlight their priorities and emphasize the aspects of their culture that set them apart from other workplaces. Whether it involves recognizing an individual’s achievements or celebrating an important company milestone, parties can be a way to advocate your company’s achievements and reaffirm its goals.

Networking: One of the biggest benefits of a holiday party is that it provides the opportunity for all employees, spanning from new-hires to CEOs, to mix and mingle with people they don’t normally get to talk to. This helps employees expand their perspective on the business as a whole as well as feel more connected to each other and the company. It may also offer insight to different opportunities at work that you were previously unaware of.

Employee Morale: This is the most important reason by far. Holiday parties are essentially a way to show the company’s appreciation for all of the hard work their employees put in. There is an undeniable correlation between your employees’ contentment and their performance, impacting the proficiency of your company as a whole. The more satisfied your employees are, the more likely they are to spread positivity to others, such as potential new hires or even the press.

Although these are all great reasons, the fact remains that holiday parties simply serve as a great excuse to let your hair down and have a little fun. After all, we deserve it, don’t we?

Breanne Krager
Breanne Krager
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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