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April 18, 2011
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April 19, 2011
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The Jewish holiday of Passover starts tonight and will last for eight nights. Family and friends gather around the table on this first night and tell the

Abbie's table all set up for Seder this evening

story of the Exodus out of Egypt. And the youngest at the table asks the “Four Questions.” Because my sister is unable to make it home this year, I have the honor of being the youngest (don’t laugh!) and asking the questions. Well, truthfully, I’ll sing them in Hebrew but that’s not the point here.

The idea of asking questions is what I want to talk about. On this holiday it is mandatory, but so much of my life, both personally and professionally, is all about asking questions. Not the mundane “hi, how are you?” types of questions (although I ask plenty of those), but the deep, probing kind. Like, “New Business Prospect A, what about your business sets you apart from the competition?” or “Friend B, you seem troubled about something, is there anything I can do to help,” or “Donor C, as you know I volunteer with this organization, can I count on you to make a contribution again this year?”

However the question is answered will set the tone for the remainder of the conversation. We so often ask questions without really thinking about the outcome. We may already be thinking about the next question and not even listening to the answer we’re given.

So I’m setting a challenge for myself over these next eight nights and ask you to do the same… when you get ready to ask a question, really think about what you want to gain from the response. Do you really want to engage in a conversation or are you simply doing the polite thing. And really listen to the response that you’re given and use that to keep the conversation going.

Let me know how it goes…really, I am interested.

Abbie S. Fink
Abbie S. Fink
Vice President/General Manager Abbie has been doing public relations her whole life…from organizing a picket line in 6th grade to organizing client communications today. She’s passionate about a lot of things, you’ll see. Check out Abbie's full bio

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