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March 13, 2013
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March 15, 2013
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Yesterday, Scott joined Paula Pedene from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Phoenix VA Health Care System, Laura Jordan from the Jordan Group, Peter Faur  from RightPoint Communications and Linda Gorman from AAA Arizona on a PRSA Phoenix panel cleverly titled “What I Wish I Knew Then,” where he and his fellow PR vets shared their best and worst experience in the PR field, the changes they have seen while being in the field and of course, the stuff they wish they knew then.

Among some of the most interesting takeaways from these PR veteran superstars were:

  • Scott: “I get my news and stay current by talking with my kids about the things they like, where they get their information and what TV shows they are watching… Clients pay us to be smart for them so we have to work at being smart for them.”
  • Paula: “New media has allowed for engagement... it really helps you maximize that ability to reach your target audience.”
  • Laura: “Always have a crisis plan… the craziest and wildest of things can and will happen.”
  • Peter: “Social media ROI is similar to dating, you aren’t going to ask a girl to marry you right away-"first is interest, engagement, then you might get some action.".”
  • Linda: “I drastically underestimated how stressful this job can be and stress has a way of manifesting itself in different ways. As a new professional, know your stress triggers and don’t let it take over your life and the relationships you have.”

While all well and good, the team here at HMA had a little fun with this topic back at the office, too.

As a result, we present to you, what WE wish Scott knew (now or then!)

  • Abbie: “I wish Scott knew that his love of sports and sharing tidbits about the weekend’s games, gives me what I need to sound smart when talking about sports.”
  • Rachel: “I wish Scott knew how hard it is to be the only girl in an office full of guys…. Oh wait…no, really- I wish Scott knew how nice it is to work with him.”
  • Steph: “I wish Scott knew that his brand-new puppy can totally come into the  office before she gets too big (or has all her shots, the real reason.) We will sanitize everything for her and try not to squeeze her too hard!”
  • Katie: “I wish Scott knew what a terrible show South Park is (yes, he watches  South Park). I’m only kidding- kind of. But really I wish Scott knew how  much I enjoy sharing an office next to him and listening to him talk into  his phone every time he needs to send a text instead of actually texting the message.”
  • Alison: “I wish that Scott knew how to pick a better beer. Miller Lite? Blecth. Just kidding (well, not about the beer – I hate beer), I wish Scott knew  just how happy I am that his son played football, which led to my mom  meeting him, which led to me getting a job here at HMA in 2004.”

What are some of the things you wish your boss knew?


Katie Snyder
Katie Snyder
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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