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Today’s blog is from Liam O’Mahony, MBA, ABC, APR….AKA, BMOC and RBD*, member of IABC and PRSA (former Phoenix Chapter Ethics Chair). While he is currently embarking on a cross-country move to his native New York, he is never too far to remind us that September is PRSA Ethics Month. Check out his blog, where this article originally ran.

Preach it, Liam!



My PRSA Ethics Mnemonic for Core Values

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) provides a comprehensive online ethics recognition, evaluation and decision-making guide that is also distributed via wallet-sized reference cards for its members.

September is Ethics Month for PRSA, with most chapters across the nation holding panels, presentations or keynote speakers addressing such topics as copyright law, conflicts of interest, attribution and social media etiquette. There will be a series of webinars, blogs and Twitter chats throughout September, so be sure to check the PRSA home page.

The PRSA member code of ethics card outlines six core values to uphold and be cognizant for public relations, communications and marketing practitioners regardless of agency/organization, sector or discipline.

These values are Advocacy (representation, transparency), Honesty (disclosure, trust in facts), Expertise (knowledge, accreditation, accuracy), Independence (balanced counsel, forthright planning and execution), Loyalty (confidant, agent) and Fairness (noble intentions, sincere collaboration).

I have been working on memorizing the values and the accompanying provisions in the decision-making guide that covers identifying the conflict, factors, stakeholders, principles, appropriate decisions or course of action and justification. I just came up with a straight forward mnemonic to help recall the key values quickly:







I think I have it down now after a couple of repetitions.



Thanks Liam, Phoenix misses you!

*FYI –also know as,  Big Man on Campus and Really Big Deal

Stephanie Lough
Stephanie Lough
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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