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May 24, 2011
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May 26, 2011
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I’ve worked with Team HMA to media train several clients over the years, and each time we speak at length about importance of bridging – bridging from any question into the topic you want to speak on with the key points you want to communicate to the world.

In order to keep our training fresh, we are always on the lookout of great written and visual examples to illustrate this to our clients. This week, we found a great one from…Dan Aykroyd?!


You see, the legendary funnyman is also an entrepreneur with several brands, including a high-end vodka called Crystal Head, or CHV. In mid-May, his California warehouse was robbed, and the bad guys got away with more than 20,000(!!!!) bottles of the brand.

Cool, calm and collected, Aykroyd released the following statement in print and on camera:

“My partners and I are sorry to lose this much vodka to theft and do not condone criminal activity in any fashion, but we are happy that some consumers will be afforded the opportunity of tasting it at significantly lower than retail price.”


But, it gets better.

He went on: “CHV can be purchased legally at bars, restaurants, and retail stores throughout North America. Fun fact -- the vodka recently won a Double Gold Award at the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition ... unanimously beating out 200 other brands.”

Not only did he defuse a crisis situation for his business, but he turned the opportunity into a chance to remind people where to buy the vodka and how highly it is rated!

Well played, Blues Brother. Well played.

What are some great examples of bridging you’ve seen recently?

Alison Bailin
Alison Bailin
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