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What is content marketing defined?

What is content marketing defined?

Many of us at HMA have written about content marketing before. We’ve talked about how content marketing provides value and how to create a content marketing strategy (read here), how content marketing goes hand-in-hand with public relations and SEO (read here) and how to do content marketing better (read here).

While this information is fantastic, and it’s very helpful for those that already have an understanding, I thought it would be good to add to the mix a post on content marketing basics.

Content marketing defined is strategically writing content targeted to a specific audience and outlet. This makes sense because content can only be effective if it’s useful for the audience and it moves the reader to action. Whether it’s a byline, guest opinion, blog post, newsletter or for a website, editorial content written specifically for the targeted audience will provide them with content not only that they need but want to read.

Most consumers are now searching online first for businesses and products before they even walk in the door or pick up the phone. That’s just one reason why it’s important to have useful content living in a place where consumers go searching, which is where the marketing portion chimes in.

The content needs to be marketed well, which can be done by a little bit of research. Find out where the targeted audience does their browsing. Is it on Google, social media, newspapers, magazines, company websites, consumer reviews, etc.? Wherever it is based on the audience’s demographics, interests and time spent then that’s where the focus should be for placing or pitching the content.

Content marketing can be very subjective as it may only be useful to the person doing the search.

Say you represent a company wanting to expand and the HR department needs applicable candidates to apply. Content marketing can help drive in resumes.

Or, if your company is unveiling a new product and you want people to know about said product then content marketing can help raise the product’s awareness.

Perhaps your industry has faced some major changes that might affect the consumer. It’s important to get that information out to the public. Content marketing can help get the proper information to the affected consumers.

Does that make sense? Content marketing can have value for a number of different reasons based on the need of the person or company using this strategy.

If you’re craving more information on “Best Practices for Content Marketing” I suggest taking a look at some of those past posts that dive deeper, here, here and here. And, you can see how HMA does content marketing, here. Happy writing!

Shelby Ray
Shelby Ray
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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