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January 30, 2014
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February 3, 2014
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886291308_4e55f7fd37_zA go-to favorite game of mine is Scrabble. Always has been.  When the family gets together there’s a good chance we’ll pull out the game and start playing.  My sister, Sandy, and I even take it with us when we travel.  And yes, I’m a big Words with Friends fan, too (as evidenced by the number of games I have going at any given time).

When we were together over the holidays, Sandy said something about why I like Scrabble so much.  She thinks it is because I like things with a definite beginning and end, that I can’t stand when things take longer than they need to and I just want to get things done.

That got me thinking about what your favorite board game says about you.  She is right-on with her assessment and it certainly describes me in the workplace.  As much as I like other games like Monopoly or Life, I get frustrated with how long it might take to finish.  Willing to play a game of Battleship with me? Bring it on!

What do you think – do you prefer games of strategy that may take hours to finish?  Or are you more like me?  Somewhere in between?

Abbie S. Fink
Abbie S. Fink
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