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May 21, 2008
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May 22, 2008
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We see it often. The media serves as a go-between to settle a dispute. And when it happens, there is usually plenty of collateral damage.

That’s the case in Wynn Las Vegas Resort vs. Charles Barkley.

The Wynn has now gone public with news that it has filed a civil complaint against the TNT broadcaster and former NBA star seeking $400,000 in gambling debts – dating back to last October.

Barkley’s immediate public response, his outgoing personality and his iconic presence will, in-time, help him repair his image as an upstanding, honorable guy who just happened to make a lot of money playing basketball. He’ll, no doubt, get through this, although shedding the reputation as a cheapskate and deadbeat will take some work.

And one thing this does without doubt is reinforce the reputation that Las Vegas plays for keeps, even if you are Charles Barkley.

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