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August 17, 2015
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August 19, 2015
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Two years ago I wrote about the National Football League’s policy of names on the back of its players jerseys, and how it has gotten out of hand with all the extra descriptions (Jr., Sr., II, III).

While recently watching some Sportscenter highlights of a huge international basketball tournament, I saw one of the players with “We Do This” on his back where his name should have been – like it was for all his teammates.

Johndre Jefferson was the culprit in what I’m hoping was just an isolated incident of an undrafted National Basketball Association-wanna-be currently playing in Europe trying to call attention to himself from NBA scouts.

Apparently for him, gone are the days when your actions, or in this case, your on-the-court-game, speak louder than words.

If it’s ever held again, The Basketball Tournament, which bills itself as "an open-application, 5-on-5, single-elimination, winner-take-all basketball tournament,” might want to consider some credibility training.

If it’s a showcase for players, fans should have the opportunity to know who they are – by name!

Adding to my distaste of the no-name statement, later during the same highlight show, I saw golf tournament highlights with the names of the golfers simply stated on the backs of their caddies.  (The golfers’ own sleeves and collars, or course, are reserved for sponsors’ logos.)

Scott Hanson
Scott Hanson
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