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This is the second in a series of blogs all about Twitter.

I was recently asked for some advice or tips on using Twitter and so I have created a series that is appearing this month as a #tipfortuesday on the HMA blog.

When I tell people that I love Twitter they are usually not surprised. When I tell people how many followers I have (currently 6,339) they stop and ask really? You have more than 6,000 followers? Really? You? Why do that many people care about what you have to say and how did you get so many followers they ask? (Sometimes they say- no offense…)

I don’t have an exact answer to that… but I know it is a combination of things (including Twitter tip #1 from last week). The truth is I really enjoy Twitter.  Twitter makes me happy.

People can tell when you are genuine (Twitter Tip #2). If you are only on Twitter because you “have to be” or “it is good for my business” then the twitterverse can read right through that.  To get the most out of Twitter you should like it (you don’t have to LOVE it- but you should like it).

I also set personal/professional goals (Twitter Tip #3) for Twitter. I am very goal oriented so I tend to set goals for almost everything. For example- one of my goals that I have is to have at least three (REAL) celebrity interactions and right now I have two.

The first was when I was posting a blog by Beth Stern (Wife to Howard Stern) to animal lovers in which she added as a favorite:

The second was by Chef Russell Jackson who was just on the Food Network’s Next Food Network Star.  I posted something to two friends Susie Timm and Kirti Dwivedi - not even tagging Chef Jackson and he retweeted my Tweet and added it as a favorite.



So I want know do you enjoy Twitter? Do you set goals for yourself?

Stayed tuned next week for the third installment in our Twitter series.


Rachel Brockway
Rachel Brockway
A former HMA Public Relations employee.


  1. Kelly Potts says:

    I’m still trying for a celeb mention… currently trying for Jake Owen (he likes to give meet and greet passes out through twitter)! But setting twitter goals is a great idea! New goal: get passes from Jake Owen! 🙂

  2. I actually use it a lot for news – mostly I hear about breaking news either on Twitter or FB – and I also get a real sense of journalists and their interests by reading their Tweets. In fact, I’ve developed a great relationship with a tech reporter out here in the Bay Area just via Twitter. Cheers, David

  3. Stephanie Lough says:

    Little Monster (@LittleMoski) once got Tweeted by LANCE BASS! Yes, THE LANCE BASS of *NSYNC fame!!!! https://twitter.com/LanceBass/status/101165578651320321 I know – I’m insanely jealous!

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