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November 10, 2011
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Last Thursday night, was just like any Thursday night, I plopped myself on the couch and was ready to watch two of my favorite shows - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League, both on FX. I noticed a trend with both episodes that premiered last Thursday - they were both almost entirely about Facebook. Both shows had humorous takes on how social media affects the character's lives.

On It's Always Sunny, the crew decides to try their hand at making a Facebook page for their bar, Paddy's. In the process, they used the popular social network to track down a guy who "shushed" them for talking too much at a bar. The group quickly learns that people online are not always who they appear to be and begin wondering if the reason why they were told to be quiet was because they still prefer "old-fashioned" face-to-face conversations versus those that take place on the web. Check out the hilarious viral video Frank (Danny DeVito) made to promote the bar here.

On The League, Taco (always going against the norm) decides to create his own social network and calls it MyFace - the first offline social network. He gets a bulletin board and pastes his favorite pictures and post-it notes he uses as statuses - and boom, you have Taco's "wall." The group rolls their eyes at his idea and "poke" fun of it throughout the episode. Regardless, hilarity ensued.

Both episodes were hysterical (as always) and reminded me how far the Internet has come. Almost all shows today have some sort of social media aspect tied into them and now social networking is quickly becoming the premise for entire episodes - a very funny premise at that. I'm excited to see what other guest appearance Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus will make on my favorite shows, but can't help but wonder what television writers would be coming up with if the internet never came to be? Thoughts?

Brittany Richardson
Brittany Richardson
A former HMA Public Relations employee.


  1. Law & Order SVU is always doing research on a fake Facebook platform – I think they may also call it “FaceTime” or something similar. I also notice that ALL of the Real Hoursewives shows not only talk about tweeting while they are together, but they seem to get all of their actual news from their twitter feeds too. Really helps them get into more fights – which I love.

  2. It’s also interesting how people can RESPOND to TV shows via social media. Case in point? Arizona’s own Allison DuBois, who was a guest on the “Dinner Party from Hell” last season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, noticed the show had another “psychic” episode this season, where everyone made fun of her. Well, she didn’t take it. Instead, she posted her own response on You Tube at: The platform gave her the chance to respond personally. Pretty interesting stuff.

  3. I’m a Big Bang Theory fan — running feud between Sheldon and Wil Wheaton. During one episode last season, Sheldon and Wil were tweeting. I went online and sure enough, there were tweets posted. Awesome! “SheldonCooper” is now following me on Twitter 🙂

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