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May 29, 2008
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May 30, 2008
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Coming from a guy whose knee and elbow surgeries reach double figures (this x-ray is from my 2004 broken elbow), I was interested to see one of the Valley's top reporters, Melissa Blasius of Channel 12, sporting a cast on her left arm during a recent live report.

She slipped while trying to get into a live truck and broke her forearm.

While I'm sure typing is an issue for Melissa, the full-arm cast hasn't detracted from her solid reporting, as she continues to handle the station's top stories.

She says she's switching to a brace soon. Believe me, that's a milestone she's looking forward to and one that goes a long way in helping one handle the mental aspect of healing from an injury.

No need here for the standard show biz line: "Break a leg." Sort of been there, done that.

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