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July 23, 2013
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July 24, 2013

All too often, we see celebrities who have built “brands” for themselves get into major crisis communications situations for one reason or another (or many).

And, when in crisis mode, the media all all all too often refer to the situation as a “PR Problem,” sometimes joking the PR team behind said celebrity should be fired.

But, here is the thing; most situations are not “PR Problems.” They are issues that PR teams have to help communicate in a responsible way after said celebrity messed up something in his/her own lives – almost always to the utter dismay of the PR team.

So, in honor of any other PR practitioners out there that detest when a celebrity’s personal or business issue is called a PR problem, here are my Top 10 Real Reasons You Have a (NOT) PR Problem:

  1. You tweeted before thinking. see Victor Cruz
  2. You may need medical help. see Amanda Bynes
  3. You are a selfish knucklehead. see Johnny Football
  4. You cheated. see Tiger Woods
  5. You cheated and lied. see Ryan Braun
  6. You cheated and are still lying about it. see Alex Rodriguez
  7. You’re kind of a witch. see Amy’s Baking Company
  8. You’re kind of a brat. see Justin Bieber
  9. You’re kind of a waste…of talent…and space. see Chris Brown
  10. You are (most likely) a murderer. see Aaron Hernandez

Okay - who and what else did I miss? Comment below.

Alison Bailin
Alison Bailin
Senior Account Executive Alison has a lot to say…about pretty much everything...all the time. From the current state of public relations to the social media impact on Shark Week to crisis communications in the sports world, Alison’s blogs are focused on “amusing through her PR musings,” and then some. Check out Alison's full bio


  1. People problems vs. PR problems. Great perspective.

  2. Stephanie Lough says:

    Not exactly a (NOT) “PR Problem,” but the same thing can be said for “PR Stunts.” I feel like 99 percent of the time when something – typical dealing with a celeb – is called a PR stunt, it doesn’t reflect on them well (i.e. Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage.) Just because something is gimmicky or designed to get a lot of attention, it does NOT mean it was crafted by their PR team.

  3. Alison Bailin says:

    While we didn’t include her on the list, certainly the issues surrounding Paula Deen, for which I am guessing no communications team could have foreseen, comes to mind and almost made this list as well…

  4. Kelly Potts says:

    Geez, Amanda Bynes is nuts. I mean, how do you set your own pants on fire in someone elses driveway?! Clearly not a PR prob…

    And Charlie Sheen with his ‘tiger blood’…

  5. Katie says:

    Where is Britney Spears on this list? Sure that was so two years ago but still!

    Glad we have the old “Brit Brit” back!

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