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Spring is among us, which means spring cleaning time has arrived! The perfect opportunity for people to go through their closets and sort through items they have gathered throughout the year. While you may come across that shirt you borrowed from your sister last summer or the cardigan your mom let you wear during the holidays, you may also find items such as crutches, wheelchairs, canes, shower benches, chair cushions, transfer boards or walkers. These are items that a lot of people collect throughout the years and are often times never used again.

Instead of discarding these items in the trash, think about the elderly woman who needs the shower bench, or the blind man who can’t afford a cane, or maybe someone who has just been involved in a car accident and needs a wheelchair.

Since 2009, our client, Arizona Bridge to Independent Living (ABIL), Arizona’s largest center for independent living, has offered a “loan closet” program that allows consumers, as well as the general public, to borrow Durable Medical Equipment (DME) for a given length of time. The purpose of this program is to loan DME to individuals and families:

  • While they are having their own equipment repaired
  • While they are waiting for insurance to purchase their own equipment
  • While they are visiting from out of town and were unable to transport their own equipment
  • For a short-term while they recover from surgery or an injury

If you are interested in borrowing DME equipment from ABIL’s Loan Closet or donating items please contact ABIL’s information and referral coordinator, Andrew Moody at (602) 296-0536.

ABIL always appreciates donated DME in good, clean and usable condition.

Brittany Richardson
Brittany Richardson
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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