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January 13, 2014
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Via Marks PC Solution

Via Marks PC Solution

With the recent security breaches at Target and Neiman Marcus, everyone that I know was freaking out over what to do next. Some banks sent new debit/credit cards and some banks sent letters informing customers that their account might have been compromised. These days, security breaches, like the one Target just had, seem to be more and more common.

Tips for protecting your password:

  • Don’t use the same password for everything. Mix it up a little, your bank account passwords should always be different than your email passwords.
  • Don’t use your pet’s name.  While your dog is certainly adorable, that’s an easy guess to anyone.
  • Use variations of the same password. Capitalize some letters, not others, put the numbers in the front, instead of the back, etc. Use symbols instead of letters.
  • If you tend to forget your passwords, write them down somewhere on paper. Don’t keep them in a document on your computer. Or, there are websites that store your passwords as well.

Most of these seem like common sense, but if high-profile security breaches are happening, you can bet that personal accounts are being compromised every day.

What tips do you have for protecting your passwords?

Kelly Potts
Kelly Potts
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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