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Every year, Mark Zuckerberg and his team convene at F8, to talk about the development of Facebook and what’s next in the social media giant’s evolution. Yesterday, they rolled out the Open Graph “Timeline.”

In the broader sense, Zuckerberg stated that it was a way to make the world a more personal, connected place that would allow a “new way to express who you are.” Timeline will “help you tell the story of your life,” he said, and followed it with this video introducing the product.

Currently, Open Graph is a way for you to further express who you are by what you “like.” Now, Open Graph is going above and beyond the “like” button with the timeline, a new layout and new apps that are connected to it. Below is the #F8 update in a nutshell:

Layout: Profile pic remains, a yearly timeline is to the right showing the greatest moments of your life from each year, and a larger photo space is behind the smaller profile pic which allows you to better express who you are without saying a word. (Zuckerberg had a picture of his puppy “Beast” as his larger photo).

Where Were You: Timeline will have a map showing every place you’ve ever been. You can also click on a specific year or other moment in time to see the places you visited in 2010 or in the past two weeks, for example.

Connect: Timeline will allow users to make more connections by posting what they are “reading,” “listening,” and “cooking” instead of just pushing the “like” button.

Newsfeed vs. Ticker: In order to not clog the main newsfeed with mundane updates, Zuckerberg created “Ticker.” Lower level updates, like “Abbie is reading Hunger Games.” will now go in the side bar, called ticker, so as to not saturate your main newsfeed with less-than important updates.

Bye-Bye Prompts: Apps will give you the option to no longer deal with the pesky prompts, and allow them to automatically post to your timeline (again, lower level updates from the Spotify app, like “Stephanie is listening to DeadMau5,” would go to the ticker, not main newsfeed). Participating apps on your Blackberry, iPad, etc. will now also have a button with the option to “add to timeline” and automatically post updates to facebook.

Patterns and Trends: Timeline will allow you to see a report with trends and patterns in what you and your friends are doing, reading, listening to, etc. For example, Scott’s most read website is or Kendra’s most watched TV show is True Blood.

Watch/Listen WITH Friends: If you see in your ticker that Brittany is listening to “All of the Lights” by Kanye West via Spotify, timeline will allow you to click on that, listen to the same song on Spotify and chat with Brittany about it, if you’d like. Same with TV/movie watching apps, like Hulu and Netflix.

New Way to Read News: Zuckerberg hopes to “rethink the way we read news” by having major papers and online outlets, like Washington Post, Yahoo News, etc. have apps. This would allow you to post what article you’re reading, see friends who may be reading the same article and see how many of your friends may be reading articles from different apps about the same subject.

Social Games: Ticker will also show what games you and your friends are playing, along with a photo. For example “Kendra just played a word against Stephanie in Words with Friends.” This will allow you to bring up a photo of Kendra and Stephanie’s game. Same for Farmville and other social games.

Lifestyle Apps: Apps such as Nike Plus, will allow you to utilize GPS on your phone to show where you went running/hiking, for how long and who with. Apps like Foodspotting allow you to post pics of what you’re eating, share recipes and have an annual report of everything you’ve eaten.

In short, some major changes are coming to Facebook in the coming months and I’m not gonna lie, this time the changes seem pretty awesome. For those who argue that social media outlets like twitter and facebook only prevent us from real life interaction, enter: Zuckerberg’s timeline.

Kendra Schultz
Kendra Schultz
A former HMA Public Relations employee.


  1. Stephanie Lough says:

    Pretty sure when you see “Stephanie is listening to DeadMau5” you are supposed to grab your glow-sticks and come into my office aka Club W110.

  2. Kendra Schultz says:

    I know everyone always complains that the changes never cease with Zuckerberg, but these updates are pretty awesome! I’m “liking” it.

  3. Stephanie Lough says:

    So far I like it. Not sure about the Lifestyle Apps, just from what I’ve heard. Once you install the reading app, it automatically updates without your prompt. So when you click through an article online, it will post to your feed t that you are reading that article. Sounds like a lot of unnecessary noise and possible embarrassment. Of course, you can choose not to install that app, and this doesn’t go for things not done on the computer…….yet.

    An annual report of everything I’ve eaten sounds down-right terrifying!

  4. Prompts are thankfully an option – you don’t have to allow everything to automatically post. But for those that you do, it’ll just go to the ticker on the side and not be a constant annoyance in everyone’s news feed.

    The report on the food could definitely be scary…and obviously i wouldn’t be able to utilize a running app. Who does that?!

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