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February 7, 2008
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scott1.jpg scott-ump-integrity-2.jpg scott-ump-integrity-1.jpg While Major League Baseball umpires are being asked whether or not they beat their wives, use marijuana, attend extravagant parties or belong to the KKK, one cannot understate the potential PR disaster MLB could be setting itself up for.

MLB is essentially questioning the integrity of its umpires on all things not related to baseball. If a player or coach did that on the field - it would result in an immediate ejection and possibly a suspension.

With all that going on, our local high school umpires are busily preparing for the upcoming season.

There is a lot more to it than just showing up for a game. In addition to six-weeks of weekly meetings in which rule changes and interpretations are discussed at length, the high school umps who are a part of the Region 2 Baseball Officials Association, of which I am a member, attend on-the-field clinics, work high school scrimmage games and take an annual test to ensure that they are ready when the season opens.

It's the love of the game that draws most to officiate, no matter what the sport. Not everyone has the make-up to put on a blue uniform and call balls and strikes, safes and outs and work hard to ensure that a game is played within the rules and fairly by both teams - but for those who do - there's pride in being a "steward of the game."

Do you have what it takes?

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