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January 26, 2015
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Photo Via ABC.com

Photo Via ABC.com

Is it just me or has sponsored content gone too far? I’m used to seeing the sponsored ‘segments’ on news morning shows, where they say “this segment is brought to you by XYZ.” Then came the sponsored social media posts. First on Facebook, then Twitter and Snapchat, and now on Instagram. But, during last night’s Bachelor, I feel like the sponsored content went a little too far… and obvious.

If you haven’t watched the show in while, let me give you a brief overview. There are three dates (usually) per episode. Two one-on-one dates and one group date. During last night’s one-on-one date, Chris’ (the Bachelor) sisters interviewed the girls and picked the one they thought Chris should take on  a fairytale date.

All of the other girls in the house were jealous that she was going on this Cinderella-esque date. The chosen girl was then given a stylist who found the ‘perfect princess dress’ and ‘slippers’ for her and she had a ‘carriage’ take her to meet her Prince Farming.  At this point I was wondering “is this for real? Why would they pick something like this?”

And then the stylist pulled out a tablet and showed the girl scenes from the new live-action Cinderella and explained where she got the inspiration for the dress… Once she got to her date, scenes from the movie were playing in the background and Chris and his date were not-so-subtly mentioning the words ‘fairytale’ and ‘Cinderella’ over and over and over again.

To me, this was taking sponsored content over the edge. A sponsored date? On The Bachelor? Really? That was the best idea they had? We all know that no one goes on The Bachelor for love and it’s all a fake-reality, but to bring sponsored dates into the mix is just a little too much.

What are your thoughts? Will we be seeing sponsored content like this in more shows?

Kelly Potts
Kelly Potts
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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