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October 15, 2015
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October 19, 2015
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The Simpsons Already Did It - HMA Public RelationsIf you are a fan of South Park, the title of this blog post will be familiar.

If you are not, SHAME ON YOU! It is a seminal, iconic program that will stand the test of time, potty jokes and all. Stop being a prude and give it a chance (especially the movie).

Anyhow, in the South Park episode titled The Simpsons Already Did It, a character named Butters dream up a series of schemes to take over the world, but realizes that each one has already been performed on The Simpsons. Being that The Simpsons came before South Park, the South Park team was both paying homage to the Simpsons for their innovation and creativity as well as stating the obvious – it is tough to reinvent the wheel week after week with new ideas.

That is how I often feel when writing blog posts.

We launched the HMA blog in late 2007 – that means Abbie, Scott and I have been dreaming up posts for eight years. Abbie even posted about having writer’s block back in January 2008 just weeks into the launch of our blog!

Stuck with a case of writer’s block myself, every idea I came up with for today’s post ended with my realization that we already wrote on that subject. Basically, The HMAers Already Did It .

So, rather than write something just to post something, I took a look of some of my fave to write the past few years – here they are! Give them another look! And yes, I can do this with everyone in the office’s blog posts in coming weeks if the writer’s block continues!

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Alison Bailin
Alison Bailin
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