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June 24, 2015
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Growing up as a kid in the 90s, there were some iconic movies that had every kid hooked. Movies that made you feel like the characters were your friends and you were a vital part of the plot. One of those movies for me (and a ton of others) was Jurassic Park. I loved following the intense journey of the archaelogists, Lex and Tim, and of course, Dr. Hammond. I think my siblings and I  watched that VHS copy over and over again until it broke from overuse.

When it was announced that a brand new Jurassic World movie was in the works, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I texted my brothers immediately, planning our trip to the premiere. Along with my excitement came an overwhelming sense of fear. I was so worried that it would be a flop like other sequels (i.e. Grease 2, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, and Mean Girls 2), especially because it was being released 22 years after the original. How would they keep the authenticity of the original alive while continuing the story for the new generation?

Well, after purchasing my ticket, sitting in my recliner movie theater chair (perks of 2015), grabbing my popcorn, my brother and my fiance, and watching the new journey of Owen, Claire, Gray and Zach, I was pumped at how great the movie studio did with continuing this brand in the perfect way.

Throughout the movie (without giving too much away), they gave appropriate nods to the original series through old memorabilia, references to Dr. Hammond’s work and even the use of a 1992 Jeep Wrangler from Jurassic Park. The producers took the time to keep the connection for old fans as well as bringing a fresh, new story for fans of all generations. Bravo Universal, you’ve managing to not only keep but impress one of the original fans. The advancing CGI technology, stellar acting from Chris Pratt and Dallas Bryce Howard, and dedication to the classic franchise entranced me into this new World.

This can be a lesson for longstanding brands trying to re-vamp and include a new audience:

-Keep your original fan base through including the important elements that brought in fans in the first place. These fans want to continue supporting your brand but you have to be careful to keep a balance of old and new. Show your originals fans that you are still offering the same product but in an even better fashion.

-Bring in a new audience by adding exciting and entertaining factors that will speak to the target demographic. Provide a similar experience that your old fans felt, while studying elements that will drive your new audience.

Caelen Tallant
Caelen Tallant
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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  1. Alison Bailin says:

    As a tween/teen of the 90s, I got to see the move at 12 years old in a theater – like 10 times. While some parts of this new version were hokey, the MANY homages to the first (and best) film were absolutely spot on. They made me want to cry, in fact, bringing back memories of seeing the movie at PV Mall with my dad, mom, sis and bro one hot summer day…and then again at the Pavillions…and then a again at Sonoran Village…and then again with Grandma in Mesa.

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