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Have you had a chance to watch the news program The Now Arizona with Yetta Gibson? While there needs to be a few kinks figured out, this fast-paced, 30-minute news program is perfect to catch up on local and national news in 30 minutes.

Here is a breakdown of the overall format of the show:

Yetta starts the show discussing a trending topic or story that is happening right NOW in Arizona, and then the program switches to Anne McNamara who gives topline, brief updates on national and international news.  Amber Sullins gives us the weather and tosses it back to either Yetta for local, feel-good stories or to Anne to cover more international news, entertainment and sports. Various reporters, including Alisha Ebrahimji and Justin Pazera, join in during the latter part of the show with topical stories of interest to all viewers. Another weather update and then Yetta closes the show with a fun story/topic with Brien McElhatten, who is the host of The List that airs right after The Now Arizona.

With some fine-tuning, this is an excellent show that provides viewers with up-to-the minute news and local stories to keep you connected, all within 30 minutes.

The Now Arizona airs at 4 PM weekdays on ABC 15. If you are strapped for time, but want to stay informed of what is happening around the Valley and around the world, I recommend recording this show and watching when you get home. The Now Arizona is definitely in the know.

Whitney Liem
Whitney Liem
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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