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October 22, 2015
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Pumpkin Joe-Joe's

Pumpkin Joe-Joe's

Happy Friday! I don’t know about anyone else, but it seems like these weeks are just flying by. Before you know it, Friday is here and you still have what seems like a zillion things to check off your to-do list before the weekend hits.

At the end of a long week, I love reflecting back on the things that went really great, and the things I definitely could have done better on. I really believe that a lot can come from celebrating your successes as well as learning from your short comings , but most importantly being aware of both.

I want to share five things I learned this week to make me not only a better PR pro, but a better person in general. I’m calling it my #FridayFive . Enjoy!

  1. Tackle your to-do list one day at a time. Sometimes looking at all of the things you have to do for all of your clients is incredibly daunting. On Monday, try looking at your workload and prioritized based on deadlines. Something I learned from Alison is to map out each day ahead of time. While things are always going to interrupt your pre-mapped schedule, it at least gives you a starting point of what needs to be done and when.
  2. Put your phone on silent when you get home, even if just for an hour. I know every PR pro out there is probably shaking their head at this one. But it is really important. When you get home from working all day, you need to take some time to spend with your family or just with yourself. I believe in being fully present wherever you’re at, whether that be work or home. One of the worst things we can do is be so attached to our phones that we don’t take the time to invest in the people in our lives. Ninety-five percent of the time, that email can wait.
  3. It’s okay to have a Pumpkin Jo-Jo. Lately I’ve been on this 6 a.m. workout kick. Call me crazy, but there’s such satisfaction in getting your workout in before the rest of your day starts. It’s even nicer knowing you don’t have to do it after a long day at work. Because let’s be real, if I waited until after work to work-out, it wouldn’t happen. Any who, by the time about 3 p.m. rolls around, I’m craving a little snack to last me until dinner. While my hummus and carrots in the fridge do look appetizing, sometimes you just need a Pumpkin Jo-Jo. While the guilt of the 6 a.m. workout can set it, the Jo-Jo will be well worth it. I promise.
  4. Take a break. Anyone else ever feel like you’ve been looking at that same piece of copy for what seems like 10 hours? Okay good, I’m not alone. I can get so caught up in trying to get something finished that I don’t take the time to walk away for a few minutes and make sure it’s my best work. Put your best foot forward by walking away when you have writer’s block, rather than just pushing through to get it done.
  5. Don’t forget to spoil yourself a little! Even if that means stopping at Starbucks one morning to get yourself that Venti Iced Soy Chai with a Pump of Pumpkin, sometimes you just need to do something for yourself to put a smile on that pretty face. You work hard all week at the office and at home, so don’t forget to thank yourself! Everyone will better for it.

Well, there you have it. My random thoughts and lessons learned from this week.

What did you take away from this week?

Caelen Tallant
Caelen Tallant
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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