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October 19, 2011
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October 21, 2011
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I commented on her post about the mascot costumes (a right of passage, I do believe) and a crazy-author request. 

Photo evidence to the left.

It got me thinking we’ve all had some off-the-wall requests during our PR careers… so please, share a couple won’t you?

Abbie S. Fink
Abbie S. Fink
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  1. Alison Bailin says:

    I have a top two without event thinking about it!

    1. Dressing as a “Veggie Tale” in dead of August and letting kids throughout Arizona Mills Mall nearly assault me at the Phoenix launch party for the Veggie Tale Movie.

    2. Drapping myself in snakes, lizards and spiders for a Good Morning Arizona segment showing off all the non-music attractions at the Tempe Music Festival.

  2. The wearing of various costumes, including Santa and Ewok, seem to be a right of passage. At a client’s request, I did arrange for a stripper to infiltrate a series of models who were interviewing for a courier-type position to deliver contest prizes dressed as Santa’s helper. She didn’t get the job.

  3. I agreed to do this for another PR client of mine. I think this was the craziest thing ever (that I can mention here). This was a long time ago, thus the MySpace video. It was on April 1st and I believe the year was 2005.


  4. I’ve gotten a hair makeover on TV – went from long and brown to short and red! And yes, they purposefully make the before pictures look worse so the after pictures look amazing.

  5. Alison Bailin says:

    Oh Kendra – you made me think of another! During an internship, I had to strip down and lay on a massage table with towels over me as a facialist demostrated a new pumpkin facial for Halloween all over me…I was freezing and did not have nearly enough towels covernig me on FOX 10!

  6. Dana Hughens says:

    While I was studying to become a PR person, I made money by being a dummy. Seriously… I was a seatbelt dummy. Sometimes Vince. Sometimes Larry. I traveled with another dummy to health and wellness fairs and other events. We had a boombox to play a cassette (someone please explain that to the youngins) with the official Vince & Larry voices recorded on it, as we acted out the motions.

    Other somewhat crazy things…. supervised the hoisting of a 750 lb blow-up crab to the top of a building (during which I had to prevent the crab installation vendor and the building construction manager from getting in a fist fight), tended to seasick spokespeople during what should have been a really cool event on a yacht during the Cannes Film Festival and I was recently videoed bouncing on a hippety-hop (big mistake I realized upon watching it back) to promote a client event.

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