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May 4, 2012
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Today, HMA's own intern extraordinaire, Katie Snyder, gives her take on both her first #Buzzcation and its exclusive movie screening, Twittamentary. Take it away, Katie!

Well hello again! I am back and excited to share with you my take on the big Twittamentary screening at the Arizona Biltmore Buzzcation event. It was quite the experience having the opportunity to mingle with public relations professionals and fellow social media/ Twitter geeks. What made this event most interesting weren’t the free bags of kettle corn and chocolate covered pretzels, but the screen that allows viewers to actively participate in the screening through tweets. Viewers were encouraged to NOT turn their phones off but instead “tweet” it up during the film, making comments about anything and everything via the #twittamentary hashtag.

Pair that with a few drinks - talk about a happy distraction!

The documentary looked at the social space, which was created in 2006, and what it has evolved into 140 characters at a time- twitterverse. Today it is a platform that has allowed complete strangers to connect with others virtually to form a community, sharing experiences in real time.

Tan Siok Siok, a documentary filmmaker from Singapore, gave stellar examples of how social media, more specifically Twitter, has been used to impact people’s lives around the world. The documentary dives into the lives of individuals across different cultures and different backgrounds each touched in a different way. We met Janis Krums, @jkrums, who put Twitter on the map after tweeting a picture of a US Airways plane shortly after it had plunged into the Hudson River. In fact, HMA is one of the on-call teams for the airlines and assisted them with the media relations efforts surrounding this incident.

In other examples from the documentary, Twitter was used to voice everything from customer service complaints, raising money and even to get directions.

While the documentary was interesting, the Twitter feed became somewhat more appealing as people began using it to post questions, answers and even challenges for other views. HMA’s own Stephanie Lough, @StephLough, took it upon herself to be the comedian of the night posting things like “Everyone say "woooo" at 7:40, iPhone time”. Despite all the distractions of posting my own tweets and reading others tweets via the feed, I did enjoy the documentary and thought the end result was an honest portrait of human relationships in the digital age.

Alison Bailin
Alison Bailin
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  1. I just heard this: Twitter has become a culture.

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