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November 7, 2013
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November 11, 2013
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I was reading the sports page this weekend (stop laughing, it happens on occasion) and noticed Scott Bordow’s article AIA BLEW IT WITH BRACKET BLUNDER. Admittedly, the only reason I read it is HMA’s Scott is a referee for high school football and talks about the AIA all the time.

Now this isn’t a post about the AIA or the actual blunder referred to in the headline, but rather about the quote from the organization’s director of buiness media, Brian Bolitho...

“When we saw the tweets we said we need to look at what’s going on.”

Wow, another example of the power of social media.  Mistakes happen.  We’re human after all.  But in today’s 24/7 140-character world, our mistakes are shared globally.  And to paraphrase my friend Jay Baer, if something goes wrong in your organization, Twitter is not your problem.

What your problem is -- is how you react to it, how you fix it and how you move forward from it.

We can be a very forgiving society, we love the comeback stories of redemption.  So when (and it really is when not if) you or your organization does something that ends up in the social space that isn’t exactly flattering, address it head-on, don’t run and hide (it’s not going to help) admit it and offer an apology and next steps.  Watch how quickly that news spreads – you’ll be glad you did.

Abbie S. Fink
Abbie S. Fink
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