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August 14, 2008
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August 18, 2008
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This week marks the 31st anniversary of Elvis' death - and the marketing machine at Graceland is as strong as ever in the form of Elvis Week 2008. From Elvis wine to the impressive Elvis events calendar that even includes a race to benefit United Cerebral Palsy, it seems the marketing minds at Graceland never sleep.

However, conspicuously missing this year - much to my chagrin (seriously) - is a tie-in with a cable network to broadcast Elvis movies all week long. Ever since the 5th grade, I have looked forward to the second week of August, when my grandma and I would sit back and watch a marathon of Girl Happy, Clambake, Viva Las Vegas, etc... on the old movie channels (aka AMC and TCM).

This year - nothing.

And it got me to thinking about AMC and TCM - the "old" movie channels. Perhaps cutting ties with certain "classics" such as Elvis movies is their way of re-branding themselves to a younger audience? For example, AMC is now playing Rambo and Sleepless in Seattle instead of White Heat and the Philadelphia Story and is also creating their own Emmy-award winning series like Mad Men.

In theory, up until about a year ago I was always in favor of going for the younger demographic. But, as I get closer to 30, my mind is quickly changing. So, how have you and your clients either gone for the "classic" demographics or reached out to younger audiences?

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