Summer of Stories: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Private Matters

Summer of Stories: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – The Big Wigs
September 6, 2011
Summer of Stories: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Show Me the Money
September 8, 2011
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No googly eyes needed.

Labor Day has come and gone, and for many, it is the symbolic end to summer. School is back in session, white pants are put in storage and pool floaties are deflated. While summer may officially end on Sept. 23 - and here in Phoenix it’s still 110 degrees - it is time for us to look forward to fall. But before we do that, let’s recap what we learned this summer. No, not through our fabulous and informational blog posts of months past (although I highly recommend you skim our archives), but what we learned from this summer’s biggest PR stories, scandals and stunts.

In Part II today, we take a look at two incidences where TMI (intentional or not) left us rosy in the cheeks. And this time, we do mean our faces.


3. Weiner Tweets his...self

Although it is rather en vogue right now for politicians and athletes to text and tweet pictures of their bits and pieces, it is still going to give your PR team a massive headache. It gets especially difficult for the PR team when their client denies all allegations, as did New York City Congressman Anthony Weiner (D), only to be forced to face the truth and deliver a rather embarrassing statement. *Sigh* some men will never learn.

While the line between personal and professional life is being blurred more and more with each new social network, there are things in life that will forever remain private, as they are aptly referred to as. Good thing his wife is more forgiving than his followers. Weiner’s last tweet came just days before he came clean.

What we learned: Thou shalt leave thy twitter to thy communications team. Thou shalt only tweet pics from thy neck up. Thou shalt not lie.


4. Summer’s Eve “Hail to the V” campaign

Although this falls more in the realm of advertising, it is hard to believe there was no public relations figure (or a person familiar with the term “blatant stereotyping”) on the feminine hygiene manufacture’s marketing team waving the red flag. The commercial -which tried as I might, I could not find an existing clip- features your not-so-typical (read: not a face) first puppet “talking” about things you can imagine would be discussed in a Summer’s Eve commercial. But in an attempt to be diverse, Summer’s Eve managed to insult Asians, Blacks and Latinos with exaggerated accents and racial profiling. Even if you were not bothered by the stereotyping, the creepy talking hand-vagina was sure put you off.  I know I’ll never look at a fist puppet the same.

What we learned: Sex doesn’t always sell, being diverse doesn’t mean typecasting.

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Stephanie Lough
Stephanie Lough
A former HMA Public Relations employee.


  1. Alison Bailin says:

    I still cringe and cheer for the “V” commercials – whether good or bad, they certainly got my attention. I think I lean toward a thumbs up for that. And then, I put nothing up for Weiner or any of the other public figures showing off private parts and then forcing their teams into crisis communuications mode all summer! Guessing no one in DC got summer hours this year…

  2. Stephanie Lough says:

    Haha I have to admit, I really like the new “Hail to the V” commercials that actually made it to TV. I guess some people are saying they are degrading to women, but I think they are funny and empowering!

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