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August 10, 2010
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August 12, 2010
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I like to think I am pretty darned good at coming up with compelling stories and storylines – it is part of my job, after all.

But, as football training camps kick off, I bow down to the greatest storyline weavers in the past 10 years – the NFL. After last year’s “so good it can’t be really happening” New Orleans Saints championship season; Indianapolis Colts almost going undefeated; Brett Favre finding the fountain of youth almost long enough to get back to the big game; New York Jets becoming more relevant than the New York Giants; best offensive game of all time with the Arizona Cardinals’ Kurt Warner and Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers; and Tom Terrific starting to show some signs of age, I honestly did not think things could get any juicier.

But, here I am again – marveled. Without even one touchdown scored yet, the NFL is giving me more storylines than I could have ever imagined. A sampling:

And this is just a taste! What are your favorite football storylines starting to weave themselves into the media? And is there any other business that has even a percentage of the drama – and newsworthiness – in the world? Comment below.

Abbie S. Fink
Abbie S. Fink
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  1. Adam Kress says:

    I just want the Bears to win some damn games. How that team started last season 3-1 and missed the playoffs is beyond me. Oh wait, no it’s not. Lovie is still the coach. I will now shove an umbrella in my ear. Good day.

  2. Brian Batz says:

    Popularity is evidenced by the 13 share the damn preseason HOF game drew.
    Correction for the editor….Adam Jones has shed the “pac-man” moniker.

  3. hmatime says:

    Good point, Brian. However, I notice that what happens about 99% of the time is the announcer says “Pac Man Jones, err, actually Adam Jones as he doesn’t want to be called Pac Man anymore…” so really now folks are saying it twice. But good move on his part, PRwise, getting rid of the Pac Man. Hopefully, it will stick as Adam if he can behave this season.

  4. Bob Adlhoch says:

    NFL is great for many reasons, but one that is often overlooked is that it simply doesn’t ask too much of its fan base. You can be a season ticket holder without shelling out thousands of dollars and you can watch every game with a time commitment of only 3 hours a week.
    The Jets swagger will be seriously tested if they don’t get a certain lock-down cover corner in camp with a smile on his face. Revis totally changes that defense and what they can do. And I think it’s a cheap shot to call Leinart “beer bonging” when that was several years ago and by all accounts he has been the pillar of professionalism for the past couple of seasons and won’t have to look over his shoulder at a hall-of-famer every time he steps on the field.
    Even though the Favre story is overplayed, the part I will find interesting is if the extra ca$h the Vikings offered will make his ankle feel better. I hope Favre plays because the NFL is a better product for it, I just don’t want to hear about it for the next month.
    And here’s one more good story for you: Cardinals DB Hamza Abdullah started fasting for Ramadan this week. And will continue for a month. That means no food or water from sun up to sundown – during NFL training camp. He’s been doing it since he was 7, so he’s used to it. But imagine your best workout at the gym, or run in the sun – and no water.

  5. Wait – didn’t hakeem olajuwon pass our during a basketball game from doing that once?

  6. Kendal Osuna says:

    awesom post. definitely useful

  7. […] the 2010 NFL season began, I (Alison, that is) wrote a post absolutely salivating at all the fabulous storylines we would be treated to this year. After all, […]

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