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January 30, 2009
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February 3, 2009
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scott1Maybe I'm a little sensitive. Having had the City of Phoenix Public Transit Department as a client for the better part of 20-plus years must have done something to me.

As part of our role over the years, we've handled many crisis communication situations, from labor strikes and service interruptions to on-board crimes and accidents.

It's the "accidents" part of it that caught my attention during the Super Bowl. During breaks in the action, there were two different commercials that ended with a guy getting hit by a bus.

Is this a trend or just creative types ironically coming up with the same things? Not to throw them under the bus - but is "Jack" from Jack-in-the-Box becoming the next Humpty Dumpty supposed to spur the public to laugh all the way through the drive-in lane?

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