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"I guess we better call the media."

That's the New York Yankees' battle cry every year about the time pitchers and catchers report for spring training. Worse - it's the same reason year after year: we've got a player who has cheated using performance-enhancing drugs.

Jason Giambi gave an ambiguous confession at Yankee Stadium on the eve of spring training in 2005.

Andy Pettitte gave an emotional and lengthy confession when he arrived at spring training last year.

This year it was Alex Rodriguez, who admitted to using steroids over a three-year period.

A-Rod had the mic for about 32 minutes before the monologue ended. No follow-up questions were permitted. Last year's "I did it and I'm sorry" speech from Pettitte was about an hour long.

It's too bad that some things have become routine for the media relations staffs at professional sports teams.

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