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September 19, 2016
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Valley Publicity Summit

Photo by Josh Frigerio, ABC15

This past Saturday, I attended the 2016 Valley Publicity Summit, hosted by the Society of Professional Journalists Valley of the Sun Chapter. The event started off with a networking breakfast and moved into a panel moderated by Scott Davis, Maricopa County PIO and former assignment editor for 3TV and CBS5, made up of eight diverse media people:

As you may expect, the panel mainly focused on the dos and don’ts of pitching the media. Here’s an overview:

  • DO put the news release in the body of an email and include a Dropbox link with photos.
  • DO use email and social media to pitch.
  • DO put the area of the Valley an event is happening and/or the company name in the subject line.
  • DO include a few numbers or statistics, but also make sure to include a human element.
  • DON’T email a pitch and then call five minutes later.
  • DON’T email a morning producer at 3:45 in the afternoon.
  • DON'T email a print editor a 4-inch long link; instead create a bit.ly.
  • DON’T lie.
  • DON’T EVER ask if you can see a story before it’s published.

If you want to see more about what Valley media had to say, head to my twitter, @saraegoodwin or search #pubsum16. My main takeaway from the panel? You have about five seconds to capture the media’s attention—make the most of it.

After the panel was speed pitching with the nearly 25 media attendees, but instead of just purely pitching, I wanted to try to do something a little more interesting, so I asked everyone what fall TV shows they’re watching. What was most interesting was that nearly half of these media people either didn’t watch TV or even have cable! I can’t decide if I find this surprising or not. My dad cut off his cable nearly a year ago because we have a subscription to pretty much any subscription video service imaginable, but I always thought we were part of a select few. Guess not.

  • Deb Utacia Krol, freelancer – Star Trek
  • Teri Carnicelli, North Central News – MacGyver and Notorious
  • Angie Koehle, ABC15 – Doesn’t watch TV. The last show she regularly watched was Desperate Housewives!
  • Rebecca Rhoades, Phoenix Home & Garden magazine – Doesn’t own a TV!
  • Melissa Fittro, Independent News Media – The Voice, The Walking Dead and football
  • Douglas Towne, Arizona Contractor & Community magazine – Doesn’t watch TV; he’s too busy.
  • Catrina Kahler, Downtown Phoenix Journal – Veep
  • Julia Patrick, frontdoors.com – Anything about the election
  • Jesse Millard, AZ Big Media – Narcos on Netflix
  • Jennifer McClellan, Arizona Republic – Football, she’s rooting for the Packers.
  • Eric Jay Toll, Phoenix Business Journal – Cut off his cable during the recession and never turned it back on. But he still has a VHS! Along with Amazon Prime and a DVD player.
  • Tyson Milanovich, ABC15 – College football. He’s rooting for University of Washington and Nebraska.
  • Josh Frigerio, ABC15 – Designated Survivor
  • Ilana Lowery, Phoenix Business Journal – The Walking Dead
  • Casey Kuhn, KJZZ-FM – Project Runway and 30 Rock reruns
  • Ralph Zubiate, East Valley Tribune – Frasier, Leverage and Dick van Dyke on Hulu
  • Richard Ruelas, Arizona Republic – Homeland and Veep
  • Michelle Talsma Everson, Arizona Health & Living magazine – A lot of Spongebob and Pokemon with her son.
  • Christine Barrueta, writeonrubee.com - The Voice, New Girl and Modern Family
  • Kris Pickel, CBS5 – She’s watching CBS5 :).

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to talk with everyone, so a few attendees are missing. So now I ask you, what fall TV shows are you watching?

Sara Goodwin
Sara Goodwin
Account Coordinator Sara is a Maryland native who moved cross country to join the team at HMA. She is passionate about digital media and knowing what’s upcoming in new technology, whether it’s apps, social media platforms or hardware. She enjoys hiking, reading and traveling. Check out Sara's full bio

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  1. Hi Sara – Nice post – perhaps I should have responded to your question that much I’m hooked on Seinfeld as is much of the AZCC staff. During meetings, our publisher Billy Horner will reel of scenes verbatim from shows.

    Thanks again for introducing yourself,


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