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August 15, 2013
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Yesterday, I (along with Katie, Kelly and Stephanie) attended the PRSA Phoenix Media Breakfast that featured local television media. It was a well-attended event at Eddie’s House and I learned a few new tips to share with everyone!

Some key points from each panelist:

Scott Davis, CBS 5

  • CBS 5 reads EVERY email that comes in (more than 500 a day) so please know that if you send something they read it.
  • The best story for CBS5 is “have more than just your organization for them to interview, provide real people that can be interviewed as well.”

Marcy McMacken, Channel 3

  • For Channel 3 try and have a peg to a national news story.
  • Marcy really likes social media for pitches because it is short, sweet and precise. You can Tweet her at: @Marceline1
  • If you email- make the subject line count!! They also get more than 500 emails a day so the subject line has to grab her attention.

Jen Jones, CBS 5 and Local News Share

  • Jen does the Local News Share for ABC, FOX and CBS but that does not mean that what she covers will show up on all three stations.
  • If you are going to pitch her, email is much is better than social media, but make sure to give her all of the details (Who, What, When, Why and WHERE)

Jill Hanks, EVB Live

  • Email is best way to pitch for a story, please don't call! The email can go to:
  • When you are writing the subject line “use the space wisely!”
  • When pitching just send an email, don’t call and please do NOT leave a voice mail.

Jodie Heisner, The List

  • “Before you pitch her, make sure you watch the show.” You must know what they will cover because it will not be an event or on a local charity.
  • The pitch should be sent to her via email and you can follow-up on social media if you would like. But do NOT call her.


I always like attending the PRSA media breakfasts as it is a great way to learn about what has changed, to see many “old” friends (Marcy McMacken and Tatum Luoma) and make some new friends (Shaun Rachau).

What a great event!

If you attended please share what you learned!

Photo via PRSA Phoenix
Rachel Brockway
Rachel Brockway
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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